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The user of the website must be informed about the following using rules that could anyway be changed by the Tourist Board Val di Fassa at any time without notice.


All the informative materials (texts and pictures) of the official website are protected by copyright, if not differently specified, by quoting other sources.

The reproduction of this website contents, both by means of analog or digital devices, is not allowed without the written authorization of the Tourist Board Val di Fassa, Strèda Roma 36 - 38032 Canazei (Italy) - (email address:

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Printing and using of contents are allowed solely for personal non-commercial use. The Tourist Board Val di Fassa authorizes links to the website, both by means of "framing" and "deep linking".

Quoting for the purposes of criticism, study or review or to provide news is allowed only where the source "Tourist Board Val di Fassa Official Website" and the web address is quoted. The copyright of texts belongs to the author himself.
Links from other websites are permitted only when specified that the link is an official one to the institutional Tourist Board Val di Fassa website

Cooperation with other websites are welcomed. To ask for the authorization please send an email to the Management of the Tourist Board Val di Fassa at the address

Part of this site contains materials submitted directly by third parties and website users who take total responsibility for what they upload. The Tourist Board Val di Fassa limits its role to the control and moderation of the contents with respect to the ruling laws, public order and decency. The Tourist Board Val di Fassa cannot be held responsible for the contents of advertisements and information obtained by using its own research systems. The portal could contain links to websites not directly managed and controlled by the Tourist Board Val di Fassa, but only linked to provide information, whose contents the Tourist Board cannot be considered liable for. Users who decide to visit these websites, do it at their own risk. The Tourist Board Val di Fassa cannot be considered liable for damages caused by surfing in advertisers’ websites connected by means of a link, being the Tourist Board Val di Fassa not duty bound to control the contents of index-linked websites. Nevertheless, according to Art. 17 of the Legislative Decree of 9 April 2003 n.70, the company that manages the website is duty bound: a) to inform the judicial or the administrative authority as supervisory agencies, in case it is privy to illegal activities or information related to one of its user; b) to provide, if asked by the competent authority, all the information to identify the user, eventually registered in the website, so to prevent any illegal activities.

Liability relief and limitations

The Tourist Board Val di Fassa makes all the efforts possible to carefully analyse the on-line informative materials and contents and to examine if they are constantly updated. The company anyway disclaims any responsibility for error, omission, inaccuracy or misinterpretation of the information contained within the site. Users can anyway contact the Tourist Board Val di Fassa at any time to evaluate the accuracy of the information needed.

Tourist Board Val di Fassa

The Tourist Board Val di Fassa disclaims any responsibility for malfunctioning of the website or for materials submitted for inclusion in the site by third parties whose websites can be directly linked from

The Tourist Board Val di Fassa cannot be held liable for the contents published in its website or for the use made of these contents by third parties, or for external contamination due to access, interconnection, informative materials downloads or due to the software used in this website. Therefore the Tourist Board Val di Fassa will not answer for damages, losses, prejudices suffered by third parties due to their access to this website, due to the use of contents taken from this website or due to the software used in it.

Privacy policy

The Tourist Board Val di Fassa collects contacts and addresses by means of its website by means of requests sent by users per email. According to Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree of 196/2003, the Tourist Board Val di Fassa informs that these requests and the included personal data will be treated according to the law, by means of automated processes as well, to fulfil visitors’ requirements.

"Treatment of contacts" means the acts of collecting, registering, data-storage, modifying, selecting, comparing, using, interconnecting, communicating, deleting and distributing, actions done singularly or in combination. This treatment will always be done to guarantee the safety and the privacy of the data both manually or by means of automated proceedings according to what stated by the above mentioned article of the Law. Data will be stored within the Tourist Board Val di Fassa servers.

Data Controller is: Tourist Board Val di Fassa to be addressed to exercise the rights under the 2003 Personal Data Protection Code, Art. 7.

At any time, users can exercise their rights by sending an application at the above mentioned address. Specifically users have the rights to access, update, rectify or delete their personal data or to prevent them to be treated, for legitimate reasons.

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